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Web Design & Web Development


Grow and Expand your business online.

A well-developed website with a strong brand is crucial for a successful online marketing campaign. It offers your target audience a unique experience that will not only attract users initially, but also keep them coming back.

Your website is no longer just a tool for raising brand awareness; it is now a dynamic sales tool that can be easily edited, frequently updated, and constantly evolving. Making your website part of your sales strategy is made simple by utilizing content marketing tools like blogging, email marketing, lead generation, and landing pages.


What’s the difference between a web designer and a web developer?

Web design and web development may seem similar, but they are distinct fields. Web design focuses on the visual aspects and overall appearance of your website, while web development involves the programming and coding that make your website functional.

With combined skills in the advertisement industry through Oliver Signs (a family owned business in Essex, Ontario), and website development as a career, BluFox provides you with the best of both worlds!

More Website Services

Website Redesign

Is your website starting to look a bit dated? Add a fresh new look, reviving the look and feel of your website with a new website redesign from the groud up! This can be done by updating the layout and slight optimization, or a complete face-lift from the ground up!

WordPress Training

Would you like to learn how to utalize your website all on your own? Is your website done in WordPress? Our WordPress training can be done through live online courses, video files, or in person to help you harness the power of WordPress so you can manage your website on your own!


Give your website a boost with Search Engine Optimization, and get your website higher within the browsing giants such as Google and Yahoo. This process involves image optimization, coding adjustments, keywords, and other tasks to help your website achieve optimal results.