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BluFox Photo & Video is your one-stop shop for all things photography & videography. Having serveral services under one roof enhances productivity and effeciancy. From editing to restoring and ehhancements, to converting from and to multiple mediums such as 8mm, VHS, DVD, CD, Cassettes, Records, Digital Files and more!

We also specialize in 360 photospheres, virtual tours, 360 videos, and aerial shots using drones. Perfect for real estate, special events, weddings, promotional material, mapping – you name it!

Servicing Windsor, Essex County, Chatham, Kent and the surrounding areas within Southwestern Ontario.

Privacy & Confidentiality

This is the fist thing we want to mention as it is the most important to us. We take our work very seriously, and believe every computer/electronic media and the information contained is property of their respective owner(s) and will never be shared to anyone without the written consent of the respective owner(s). A contract can be produced if desired for piece of mind and assurance.


* The above photo was used with permission

Editing / Restoration

For Photos and Videos

Over time, photos and videos are subject to wear and tear, fading, and even deterioration. Our goal is to preserve those memories through editing and restoration. We copy the original media for you to preserve, and restore the copy, and many times, surpassing both the quality and color from that of the original!

Media Convertions

Increase compatibility, and preserve!

Sometimes it is difficult to view or share your media due to incompatibility issues, formatting, lack of hardware, region locking, or maybe you have a tangible photo or video tape/reel. We can help by converting your media to any type you choose. From photos to digital, VHS/8mm to DVD/Digital, from cassette/vinyl recording to CD or digital file (or vise versa)! Just mail or drop off your media, and we will fulfill your request.


360° Photo & Video

Immerse yourself in the environment

With 360 photo and video, you can get a true feeling of actually being there in the moment. 360 viewability allows you to look around every angle in one position, or take a virtual tour through your home, business, or park. Perfect for real-estate and businesses that want to boost user engagement and increase revenue for your business or website. 360 videos are cutting edge, and allows you to relive the moment and the surroundings that are otherwise locked in the past. Learn more about 360 Photo and Video and their amazing abilities that are unique to the field.

Media Publishing

View and/or share your media.

For most media, Facebook and Instagram does the job well. For others who want to keep their media offline or private, there are other ways to view and share your media. At Blufox, we can convert your photos into a DVD/Digital slideshow with music and audio of your choice. Create a true DVD with custom menu options and a case. Convert your audio recording onto a CD with seperate tracks, even duplicate your existing media to share or backup. 


Renewed Media!

8mm, Super 8, Hi-8, VHS, Negatives, Cassettes…

View those old videos and photos that are stored in your attic once more by moveing them over to the digital age. We scan and convert older media, restore the digital copies, and cut out anything that is unwanted (like those blank areas on a VHS tape) so that you can enjoy them once more as if they were taken earlier today!

More Services

Quick Edits

Sometimes media can have a small imperfection, or unwanted artifact that ruins the whole media. We can remove most noise, objects, scenes etc. to better your experience.


Some media can be upscaled to increate the quality of the original media such as creating a poster size photo from a wallet size. Or enhancing a videos quality or audio. 


Media can be copied from their original format or enhanced. However you would like to preserve your media, we can help.

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