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Drone Photo & Video Services


A breathtaking view like no other

Our Drone Photo & Video Services in Windsor Essex County uses a special RPAS that can obtain stunning Ultra High Definition Photo and Videos.

Transport Canada Certified!

Drone Video

A New Perspective in Aerial Shots


Our UAV Videos provide stunning and breathtaking productions, surely to leave your audiance speechless. Aerial shots taken from a drone is extreamly useful to help showcase or highlight houses, buildings, landscapes, subjects, events and their surroundings much more effectively. Communication is key, and videos taken from new heights are sure to get people talking; from new angles and viewpoints, to motions and manouvers that can only be shot exclusively from a drone.

Servicing Windsor, Essex County, Chatham, Kent and the surrounding areas within Southwestern Ontario.


Drone Photo & Video Services are Perfect For:

Real Estate


Special Events



Promotional Material


You Name It!

Drone Aerial
Photography & Video


Obtain a breathtaking view.

More Photo &  Video Services

360° Photo & Video 

Be in the moment with a unique way to view your surroundings and look where you want at all times. Perfect for Real Estate, Interior Surroundings, Weddings, Birthdays and Special Events!


Some media can be upscaled to increate the quality of the original media such as creating a poster size photo from a wallet size. Or enhancing a videos quality or audio. 

Copy & Enhance

Media can be copied from their original format or enhanced. However you would like to preserve your media, we can help.

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