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About Me

A little bit about myself


Hey! My name is Andrew Oliver. Many times I am asked if I have any relation with Oliver Signs or Larry Oliver, and the answer is yes! Larry Oliver is my grandfather, and Oliver Signs was the family sign and advertising business he established in 1960. I’ve always had a passion within art and creativity, as it does with my family. The ability to create something out of almost nothing has always brought me great joy.

I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a chronic and fatal lung disease, and at the age of 18, I was given a very generous gift of new lungs from a very generous donor who signed their donor card. Every day I am so very blessed and thankful for the grace of my God that made it all possible; the strength that carried me through both emotionally and physically, and the guidance of everyone involved – the doctors with their knowledge, and the donor who signed their donor card that very special day. Even to this day, I pray to Jesus, guiding me into my 20th year post transplant – that in itself is nothing short of a miracle.

With that said, I grew up spending a lot of time at home playing videogames at a very young age, drawing, making videos with my dads video camera and entertaining my overactive imagination. Eventually I found fun in using Photoshop CS and experimenting with special effects, image editing and more. Soon, I found a new method of creating something when I was 15 years old – a single webpage using only notepad on the computer. Okay, it was extremely basic with only a header, and some text on a white background. Nothing more. Little did I know that this would eventually become my profession.

 I went to St. Clair College in pursuit of getting a career in web design and development. In fact, I was in the very first web design course St. Clair college offered, pioneering the way forward in web design and internet applications. Within this course, I further gained my education in HTML & CSS (among other computer languages), Photoshop, WordPress, and more. On the side, I also dabbled in videography, photography, special video effects, 3D rendering, and computer building and repairing.

After graduating with an advanced diploma, I began my own company which led me to what I continue to do today! I work as a web designer and developer, continuing the signs business from Oliver Signs, and utilizing my advanced knowledge in various other skills to provide computer repair services, photography & videography with advanced editing capabilities, drone and 360 virtual tours and more. Needless to say that my interest in the field of multimedia is ever expanding, and it is so rewarding to me to bring these services and skills to those that can benefit from them.