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During the month of February 2016, BluFox will be donating 10% of sales to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.


Back in September 2015, I received a call from the Heart and Stroke Foundation and was asked if I would like to become a canvasser for the cause. The man who called me ended up being someone who knew my mom, and I believe we have met a couple times as well! Having no experience with canvassing, and with little knowledge of the heart and strokes in general, I agreed to it. I figured it was something to do in February and it was something new and different for a change.


Near the end of October, my dad was scheduled for a hip replacement, and while he was in recovery, he had a stroke. We never know when this would ever happen, and we certainly never imagine it to happen to ourselves or our family. My dad has recovered over the months leading into this February, however he is still suffering from vertigo, and because of this, he still has some trouble walking. It was hard to believe that this even happened in the first place, and to be a canvasser this month for the Heart and Stroke Foundation this month has more meaning. I have a deeper understanding of how the heart works and with the process and recovery of strokes. That is why i want to do a bit more to help out aside from canvassing, and that is to donate a part of the income brought in from BluFox.


Our Donations to the Heart and Stroke Foundation creates more survivors. The race to save lives starts with research. In 2015, your donations allowed them to fund almost $34 million for research conducted at Canadian medical institutions, universities and hospitals.


A recent research breakthrough discovered a new way to extract dangerous blood clots from the brain*. This new treatment, co-funded by the Foundation, has shown to cut the death rate from major stroke by half and significantly reduces disability in survivors.

*Endovascular Treatment



Outcomes before and after the treatment:


no endovascular treatmentendovascular treatment


*Credit: Amanda Fisher, University of Calgary


If you would like to help me donate to the Heart and Stroke foundation, and help create more survivors, visit http://www.heartandstroke.ca/give  and type in Andrew Oliver.