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Privacy & Confidentiality

This is the fist thing we want to mention as it is the most important. We believe every  computer/electronic media and the information contained is property of their respective owner(s) and will never be shared to anyone without the written consent of the respective owner(s). A contract can be produced if desired for piece of mind and assurance.

Virus & Malware Removal 

Scan your computer with results.

Without a proper anti-virus or computer security software installed, your device can contain thousands of harmful malicious programs that can steal your personal information to be shared or sold around the world. Sometimes, we ignore these precautions until it is too late. Thankfully, BluFox can help. We scan your computer (removing any malicious activity we can) and install a virus security protection software on your device to keep you safe in the future. 


Computer Repair

We fix computers from a wide range of issues

Whether your computer is making strange sounds, acting funny, not responding, or not even starting up anymore, we can analize your computer, inform you of our analysis, and let you know the important details and information to get your computer back up and running again.

Upgrade to a Faster PC

Computer running (or walking) slow? Start running once again!

All computers are subject to becomming slow over time, this is due to failing hard drives, age, and even all the updates over time. Daily updates such as programs, websites, Windows/Mac operating systems, and even the games you play improve over time that require more computer power. Get back to speed by updating your computer today!


Restore & Recover Data

Effective and eye-catching

If your computer is not starting or running properly, your data is usually still secure and can be retrieved. A failing hard drive can also be the blame in which backups should be performed ASAP. BluFox can help you create and obtain a backup of one or many hard drives and can be stored on an external media such as portable hard drives or USB memory stick (depending on the size).

Custom Computer Building

Your Computer, fully customized to you!

Your dream PC can become a reality here at BluFox. Let us kow what you are loking for, or what functionality you are looking to have and we can build your fully custom computer from scratch! Even customize your PC Tower to fit the theme.


More Services

Security & Backup

A full backup or clone of your computer can be made to restore at anytime. Have the security of knowing that your personal and sensitive information is backed up properly and that you own the only copy – your information and data is never shared with anyone.

Need more Hard Drive Space?

Running out of room to store your file, photos, videos or downloads? A hard drive increase may be needed. We can provide you with all the information you need to upgrade your hard drive that is right for you. 

Which Computer is Best for Me

Looking for a new or used computer? We can help you with all the information you need to find the computer that fits your everyday needs.

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