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Computer Services

Building, improving,  and repairing desktop computers and keeping them running smoothly is a passion of ours. If you would like a custom built computer, or have a computer that is in need of repairs, BluFox can get the job done! Backups, virus removal, hardware, software installations, cleaning dust out, you name it. Your computer can be analysed, assessed and optimized for your everyday computer needs.

Do you have a broken or damaged Ethernet or phone cable? Or perhaps it is the wrong length. BluFox will be more than happy to help you out. Why waste money on new cables when they can simply be repaired for a fraction of the cost?

Stay Green

Should you no longer have any need for your computer or computer parts for whatever reason, please donate them to BluFox if you can. By donating computer parts and components can greatly help provide those in need.


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Data Recovery, Disc Imaging, Cleanup, Software Setup, Networking, Virus Scan / Removal, Computer Repair, Hard Drive Cloning, Computer Construction, Software Installation, Operating System Installation, Backups, Restoration, Tune-up.