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Heather-Mae Hair & Makeup
Date Created: 2013
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This website was quite unique in that the whole website was to give the illusion of existence of the 1960’s. Of coarse, websites were unheard of at this time, so how would you breathe life in a theme like this? Studying advertisements and videos of the 1960’s played a crucial part in getting the look and feel just right! The soft colors in the photos, advertisements extending outside their boarders or frames, mixed sizes and colors in the text – mainly red or faded red (pink). Animation would also play a role in this unique theme as the rounded buttons in the main navigation menu would turn when you hover your mouse over them.


Leave it to Heather-Mae hair & makeup to provide you with that look you always dream of from fashion shows to Date nights. Engagement photos to that special wedding day. Heather-May does it all!

And best of all, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home; providing professional service in all of Windsor and Essex County, all your hair and makeup needs is only a phone call away!

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