BluFox is a professional web design & development company in Windsor & Essex County giving you only the best designs. We create professional and effective websites quickly as well as providing computer and multimedia services.

Websites provide essential information in our modern world to enable everyone access to learn more about businesses and our own personal interests. Not only are websites essential, they are now as important, if not more, than having a phone number. With the majority of people wanting to stay up to date in technology, we make sure to provide our clients with only the most up to date services.

Multimedia plays an important role in our world such as photo enhancements for advertisements, video production for commercials and presentations, even updating that VHS tape to be converted to DVD or Blu-Ray. Click here to view our media page for more information.

Our computer services include custom creation, repairs, virus removal, backups, diagnostics and more! Just visit our computer services page to learn more about what we can do for you.

Our world is forever expanding and rapidly updating with no sign of slowing down. Our aim is to not only stay up to date, but to look to the future, keeping close attention to growing trends, always staying on top of the game. And who knows, perhaps one day we'll open a new door in the future of web development and technology.